Vaccines are critical in preventing canine distemper, parvovirus, bordetella, and other diseases in your dog; and feline leukemia, feline distemper, and upper respiratory infections in cats.

Up-to-date vaccinations play a large part in keeping your pet healthy and free from disease. However, not every pet requires the same series or frequency of vaccines. Our veterinarians will tailor a vaccine protocol that’s specific to your pet based on his or her lifestyle. Vaccine schedules are balanced to provide needed protection while not over-vaccinating your pet.


In Queensland all cats and dogs between 8 and 12 weeks of age must be implanted with a microchip. Responsibility for microchipping is with the person selling or giving away the animal. The sale, implanting and tracking of microchips is regulated in Queensland. If you are unsure if your pet is microchipped, we can scan your animal and check the details for you.


Reproduction can be a complicated process but we offer end to reproduction services including in house progesterone tests, artificial insemination, surgical artificial insemination and caesareans.

We offer in house progesterone tests with results available in under 1/2 hr. These precision breeding techniques are for you to spare yourself and your prized canines from time, trouble, and travelling.

If you are new or even an experienced breeder, our friendly team can answer all the questions you might have.


Dental care for pets is vital for the overall health and longevity of your companion animal. Cleaner teeth and fresher breath are the visible benefits of pet dental care. Not only does dental disease damage the teeth and gums, but the even greater danger is also in spreading more serious disease to the heart, kidneys, and upper respiratory system. Once spread, dental disease can shorten the life of your pet.

Protection is simple: regular dental care by an experienced veterinarian and a home maintenance program. We offer basic oral exams at every wellness visit to identify problems such as missing or broken teeth, inflammation, tumors, and the buildup of tartar and plaque. We assist pet owners in developing a plan for more extensive dental care as needed, such as professional cleaning under general anesthesia. We also have a state of the art IM3 dental x-ray machine to gain a better picture of the dental disease, that we cant see with the naked eye.


Our highly skilled veterinary team is experienced in the most common, complicated and orthopedic veterinary surgical procedures. We perform desexing, tumour removal, abdominal surgeries, and most orthopedic procedures, all under the safest possible anesthetic and with the utmost attention to patient monitoring. We strive to make our patients and their families as comfortable as possible, from your pre-surgical consultation to your pet’s discharge and aftercare. We’re with you every step of the way, applying our commitment and expertise to ensure a safe procedure and a speedy recovery.


Our vets are accredited to complete your pets export paperwork and veterinary examination. Exporting your pet can be a stressful time but we are here to help, with any questions you might have. There are specific and different requirements for each country.